How to Qualify a Joint Venture Partner Checklist

Brought to you by the JV Queen, Mandy Branham

Say “YES!” to the Right Partners and “NO!” to the Wrong Partners

Understand the deal-breakers of a potential JV partner; don’t get trapped feeling more anxious about your partner than your money!

Figure out what is holding you back from establishing profitable JVs, so you can look for a partner who complements your skillset

Clearly define what you want in a JV deal – so you can find a partner who wants to achieve the same thing

Learn the personality traits that separate someone you will work with from someone you love to work with

Create simple criteria so you know your money is safe in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing

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Copyright 2022 Branham Solutions. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022 Branham Solutions. All rights reserved.