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Maintaining current market rents with top choice tenants.



A Joint venture in Real Estate and in other business situations is where two people, companies, corporations join together to bring valuable resources that they wouldn’t have alone.  



Learning and motivation comes from hearing what others are doing, What they are currently struggling with, and how they are solving problems.  



An enthusiastic speaker who is able to clearly explain Real Estate Investing to any level of audience.



Specializing in Investor Focused Renovations and Repairs.

Increasing ROI and asset values


Our Group of companies began to help a family and grew to help a community and next a city and then finally make a difference on a provincial scale.   Our vision is to help the nation and the world by Providing Clean, Safe, Appropriate Housing for an every great number of people.



Solutions Driven is a friendly family run business that provides multi-disciplinary solutions to complex challenges and opportunities within the Real Estate World. With the full power of our unique depth of thought combined with the expertise of leading professionals, we are committed to protecting and enhancing the asset value of our clients. Learn more about our capabilities, experienced leadership, and expertise. 

We are Strategic Real Estate Investors with over 11 years of market experience.  We discover opportunities, negotiate creative terms, establish partnerships, and stream-line the buying process by having our winning power-team in place. 

Mandy Brahnam CEO of Solutions Driven is a hard working entrepreneur that realized back in 2007 that she was working hard to make others rich and she was just simply getting by.  Mandy is a Wife to Larry, mother to Megan and Jacob, daughter and sister. She is a great listener, straight shooter, no BS kinda girl. From the outside she is confident and strong.  From the inside she is, like many others, still finding the inner self-confidence and self-love. Mandy is a dedicated community supporter, providing many services and giving of her time on boards and committees to better the future of her town.  


Mandy has appeared as a panelist at the Investor Forum – Toronto Ontario –  speaking on Joint Ventures and the Joint Venture Agreements.  Mandy has also been a Guest on “THE EVERYDAY INVESTOR” SHOW hosted by Rav Toor along with several other local Real Estate Investing Podcasts sharing her expertise about Joint Ventures and Create Deal Structures to help expand a portfolio.  


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Mandy is extremely knowledgeable and always creating win-win opportunities. As an investor, I would not be where I am without her guidance, support and friendship.”


“When I FIRST met Mandy Branham i made the following notes to myself–very intelligent, knowledgeable and very intense. In other words she came across as someone good to deal with. My experience with her on several deals has proven this to be true in every case”

Robert McCormick

Keyspire Member

“It has been an incredible experience working with Mandy as a JV partner! Long story short, I’m already searching for our next opportunity to invest together”

Cheyanne Mohan

Real Estate Investor


Small-market JVs

If you’re an established investor armed with a wealth of experience and looking to...

Q: Where should I invest for my first asset?

A: Where you are comfortable! Our first asset had many requirements to meet my husbands...

Q: Where did you get the money to start your investing?

"How do you decide who to Joint Venture with?" - Does that seem like a silly question? ...


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