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What is a Joint Venture?  A Joint venture in Real Estate and in other business situations, is where two people, companies, corporations join together to bring valuable resources that they wouldn’t have alone.  

In the Real Estate world there are many ways to split a Joint Venture.  The typical one is a Financial Partner and an Expert Partner. The Expert partner is a Real Estate guru who typically works full time in the industry, is an inside trader (finding off market deals) negotiating below market value or with very creative, favourable terms.  They hire all contractors, possibly Project manage any renovations, and oversee the management team once tenants are in place. The Financial Partner brings the capital for Down Payment, closing costs and any renovations that are required. They qualify for the mortgage and stay in good standing with the bank for the duration of the loan.  

Joint Ventures are a great way to get your Capital working for you with the least amount of time and effort involved.  By working with an expert – you have access to opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise. It’s relatively fast and high returns in a solid asset class.  

Joint Venture On-boarding Fee

Joint venture on-boarding is the process of introducing you to the systems we have created to allow for seamless passive investing. Through our expertise in Real Estate Investing, we will introduce you to our Power Team: Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, On-the-ground experts, etc., providing you with the answers needed for you to get you started with your first deal.

Per Transaction Fee:

When you are ready for the next property and ready to re-invest your money into new projects, the on-boarding fee is reduced to 50% for the second transaction and 30% for the third and future transactions.


Are you looking for an enthusiastic speaker who is able to clearly explain Real Estate Investing to any level of audience?  Mandy is a proven presenter who connects and shares her energy as she tells real life stories on this very important topic.

If the courses Wealth-1 and Wealth-2 would have been taught in high school, would you have signed up for them? Financial Education may have been left out during your early education but don’t worry, Mandy is a teacher of modern day Financial Wealth. 

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Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Chapter on Masterminds.  This is where I got the inspiration for holding the space for Investors to have deep connection and growth.

Many of us attend Networking groups where we talk to others briefly, learn from some great speakers, network afterwards until they turn off the lights and shew you out the doors.  I myself have only wanted to chat for hours and learn from the fellow investors in the room (no disrespect to the speakers- as I am one of those often!) The learning and motivation comes from hearing what others are doing, what they are currently struggling with, and how they are solving these problems.

I’ve created these masterminds so that you can have these regular, focused networking sessions with like minded investors plus myself as the group facilitator.   

Which level of investor are you?

Entry level Investor – just getting into the game for the first time and own 1-2 properties

Mid-level Investor – have owned a 2-5 properties for a while but are ready to grow to become more serious and take on more projects in a shorter timeline – beginning to attract passive capital to grow.

High-level Investor – do you have 8-10 properties and still asking “how can I do more?”  Are you looking for strategic information from a variety of other high level investors to accelerate your growth?

Expert Investor – you can’t even keep track of the amount of projects and properties you have!  You are looking to feel part of a community during your long, sometimes lonely work days.  YOu want to hear from others how they best utilize their time and systems that may come in handy


Branham Solutions property management is an investor focussed local management company. We are based out of Midland and service Midland Penetang And Orillia. We are focused on providing clean,safe and appropriate housing to ensure tenants make each unit their home as well as maintaining the asset value. Our prices are Competitive, our attention to tenants is top notch and vacancy is lower than market norms.

Project Management Fee:

Our project management fees are based on a per conversion project.  $5,000 per $80,000 renovation budget or 10% of renovation budget.


Branham Solutions Contracting is an investor focused renovation company specializing in legally creating Secondary Units in basements. They oversee the Project and construction from Drawings and Permits to moving in appliances and sweeping themselves out of the new apartment.


331 Midland Ave., Midland, ON L4R 4L1

(705) 300-8546