How do you decide who to Joint Venture with?” – Does that seem like a silly question?  Shouldn’t you Joint Venture with anyone who’s willing to give you money to buy a house, or anyone who says they are a working partner??

A Joint Venture Partnership should be set up like a business but with a relationship component. 

Each partnership is unique to the people coming together, and to the opportunity that’s being discussed.  

Here are 4 ways for you to Evaluate potential Partners with things to look for.

  1. Are they financially stable?
  2. Do their investment timelines match yours? 5yr, 10 yrs + etc.
  3. Do they understand investing and the potential risks?
  4. Do they see you as the expert and value your roll?

Things to look for in a Potential Working Expert Partners?

  1. Do they have experience in the areas that they are working?
  2. Do they have a coach or mentor?
  3. Do they have some financial stability incase of split cash-calls?
  4. Are they putting your return ahead of theirs?  Or are they money hungry?